The Complete Practitioner:

Live your priorities and find your financial flow

An online course with Michael Gaeta, DAc and Jack Butler, MA


Welcome to the complete practitioner program.

This brand-new course helps practitioners find inner balance and outer success, doing your best work and doing well in practice. 

Most of us are struggling in practice: we are working hard in a practice that doesn’t nourish us as well as it does our clients. We think we have to do everything ourselves, try to get better at juggling more balls in the air, don’t travel or take vacations because we can’t stop working, are stressed that we don’t have enough income left over for ourselves and our families after the bills get paid, or don’t practice what we preach with excellent self-care.

We don't want to stoop to icky, high-pressure sales tactics that practice management gurus tell us we need to embrace. And we certainly don't want to spend so much of our time running a business, that we don’t have enough energy and attention to do what we we are called to do in becoming a practitioner.  

Being in practice doesn't have to be this way. It doesn't have to be an exhausting activity, one that you do poorly, or that leaves you poor.

In fact, the Complete Practitioner is one who does their best work in changing lives, lives from the highest priorities in their heart, and has a financial flow of abundance. The Complete Practitioner creates a life that generously blesses others with excellent healing work that makes a difference, knows a sense of joy and well-being, and has a sense of ease around money by doing well financially. The Complete Practitioner is something you can learn how to be.

But first, you need knowledge and a way to apply it.

The Complete Practitioner program will give you what you need to transform yourself and your practice, growing your practice from the inside-out. We invite you to join us and like-minded colleagues in this program.



Michael Gaeta, DAc and Jack Butler, MA

P.S. Enrollment will be open for only a limited time, because we want to get started with this exciting group. You can try it completely risk-free for the first 30 days.

The course was fabulous. I learned so much. The course was well organized - I loved the Q & A and your willingness to answer as many questions as possible. Your teaching is very clear and your passion for educating us is heartfelt.
— Carol P

Why is becoming a Complete Practitioner the most important thing to learn?


Do your best work

Embody excellence in client care, changing people’s lives for the better


get prioritized

Drop your overwhelm, get de-stressed and spend your precious time on what is highest value


Grow your practice

A heart-centered way to attract and retain clients who love your work


manage your time well

Have space for yourself, family, friends and hobbies.


do what you are best at

Drop the idea that you have to be good at everything, and enjoy doing what you love to do


embody excellent self-care

This includes vacations and time off for your renewal


What's included in the program?


Transcripts & Audio of All Recordings

This will allow you to make best use of your visual and auditory learning styles, and make it convenient for you to learn wherever you are - on your phone, tablet or computer.


10+ Hours of Focused, Practical Training

Each week you will receive up to two hours of in-depth and actionable video teachings on the topics that all practitioners really need to master. You will have 24/7 access, for convenient self-study at your own pace. There will also be insightful questions to guide your process, and assignments that will practically ground the material in your life and practice.

Private Facebook Community

Our Facebook Group will connect you with a worldwide community of like-minded practitioners, to discuss the course material, and give and receive support with your peers.

Six Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls

You will have us for six 90-minute group coaching calls, where you will receive customized ideas and practical steps to meet your particular challenges, and deepen your integration of each week’s material. Both of us love working live, and thrive on genuine interaction.


Plus, you will receive these special bonuses:

stevefarrellDSC_8178 Steve solo final web-2-750x1037.jpg
headshot formal 2.jpg

Bonus #1:

Michael's "Conscious Business” Interview with Steve Farrell, MBA, Former Silicon Valley CEO, from Michael’s Clinician’s Mastermind Circle

Bonus #2:

Jack's Enneagram 101 interview with Russ Hudson, the world's leading Enneagram teacher

Bonus #3:

Michael's e-book "Love, Serve and Succeed"

Natalie Sisson.jpg
gaeta butler.jpg
Jack teaching Enneagram.jpg

Bonus #4:

Jack’s interview with The Suitcase Entrepreneur on Freedom and Lifestyle Design

Bonus #5:

Michael's "High-Functioning Presence” Interview with Jack Butler, from Michael’s Clinician’s Mastermind Circle

Bonus #6

Jack’s (a.k.a. “Enneagram Jack”) nine two-minute descriptions of the different Enneagram types