Course Curriculum

This course is built in two parts. Part One, Living Your Priorities, is comprised of Modules 1-3. Part Two, Finding Your Financial Flow, is comprised of Modules 4-6. You will also receive Week Zero content, accessible the moment you register, including: how to approach the course, setting the stage for your success, and begin with the end in mind.


Module one: Where are you really?

Our first priority is to get you really clear on where you are and what you are doing. Most of us are habitually over-committed. This prevents us from changing our lives and majoring in what matters. That stops here. Living an essential life puts your heart at the center, and reduces the number of plates you are spinning to the point where the term ‘plate-spinning’ no longer even applies.

In this module you will learn:

  • Our Core Beliefs and Perspectives 
  • An Introduction to Presence and Productivity
  • The Power of Essentialism
  • Your Commitment Inventory:  Everything You Have An Agreement To Yourself To Be In Action On

Module two: Re-designing your life and business

Once you have clarity on what you are letting go of and what really matters, you then consciously re-design your life and business fully to reflect that.  Here we will engineer your practice backwards, by looking at the core numbers you want to hit and how to do it with the fewest sales. We will also distinguish between the three main buckets and three main perspectives you need for a thriving, sustainable practice.

In this module you will learn:

  • Defining Your Target Monthly Income

  • Creating Your Minimum Viable Sales Number

  • Where To Attend?  The 3 Functional Buckets of Your Business

  • The Three Hats: Owner vs CEO vs Manager

  • Critical Numbers: Your Key Practice Metrics and Stats



Module three: Presence is your best strategy

The quickest path to reducing stress and being more fulfilled is learning how to be more present. This week is a crunchy guide to the major barriers to your being present, and how to relax them. When you are more present, you can attend to what your heart cares about, be efficient with your energy and find a relaxed, high-functioning flow.

In this module you will learn:

  • How To Your Identify and Drop Your Habitual Personas
  • The Three Instincts Master Model
  • How To Get Out Of Your Own Way: Dropping Your Inner Critic 
  • The Present and Productive Matrix
  • An Introduction to the Enneagram


MODULE Four: finding your flow - blocks to money

Your relationship with money can be a profound teacher if you allow it. It reveals a lot about the most important inner work you can do. If these patterns are unexamined, they will unconsciously run you, sabotage your financial flow, and chronically leave you in a place of lack and struggle. This week will lay fertile ground for a healthy relationship with money, receiving and conserving.

In this module you will learn:

  • The Money Archetypes - Your Dominant Pattern with Money

  • Cultivating Self-Preservation Energy

  • Integrating Your Judgments On People Who Have Money

  • Opening Yourself to Receiving


Module five: sales & marketing essentials

Sales are the lifeblood of your practice, and your financial foundation.  What would it take for you to find a reliable and heart-aligned way for you to do sales? If you don’t have an enjoyable relationship with client conversations and enrollment, you will likely always lack financially. This module solves this by re-engineering your sales process and aligning your deep values with finding the right people to serve.

In this module you will learn:

  • The Yin and Yang of Marketing
  • The Why and How of Packaging Value 
  • What’s Your Issue? Lead Generation, Conversion or Retention?
  • Aligning Money Values with Deepest Work


module six: Bringing It All Together

This entire week is devoted to your integrating and acting on the material. We will teach you how to take action from a different stance, where you are more aligned with what life wants from you - true vs false will. We will review each and every week, share our top hacks for saving you time and energy every day, and add new material based on the group’s needs.  

In this module you will learn:

  • Top 10 Productivity Hacks

  • Developing Your Action Plan

  • Surrender: from By Me to Through Me

  • The Complete Practitioner Review

  • Student-generated / co-created topics