"Jack is just awesome.  He’s fun and lighthearted and able to bring a joy to whatever he’s teaching that is just delightful."

Laura Cox, Acupuncturist



"It’s profound, it’s really helpful to have somebody take what becomes very abstract as a small business owner and put it into something you can work with.  He made clarity where there was some confusion.  Jack is really grounded in his presence and his listening and his coaching, when you work with him he doesn’t get away from reflecting back what you need to hear."

Tina Laue, Acupuncturist & Herbalist



"I am forever grateful to Jack for helping me by being a kind, supportive, and encouraging voice when I needed some grounding and clarity.  He reminded me to slow down, to put self-care first, to be kind to myself, to really see the importance of my work, to charge accordingly and above all to not give up. He was absolutely right and by putting my needs first my business quickly rebounded and has been more successful than ever."

Jana Morian, Owner, Inspired Wellness Center  

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patrick earvolino photo.jpg

“I can honestly say that Dr. Gaeta is the most articulate, informed, and effective speaker on holistic health that I know, whose grasp of the "big picture" is truly astonishing. If you've never heard him speak, make it happen. I promise he will inspire and enlighten you too.

Patrick Earvolino, Certified Nutritionist”


The course was fabulous.  I learned so much.  The course was well organized - I loved the Q & A and your willingness to answer as many questions as possible.  Your teaching is very clear and your passion for educating us is heartfelt.

Carol P. - Student of michael's autoimmune mastery program

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Thanks again for today’s call.  I learned, I’m learning, you present ideas in a way I’m able to grasp,  and I’m really enthused.  Thank you for giving this to me.  It was such a thoughtful thing to do and falls into how I experience you, as interested in humanity first. You’ve changed my weekend, for sure.  I appreciate you!

Nancy Kepner, Executive Director, Foundation for Global Scholars